A Personal Challenge

Color of Emotion: Yellow

I meant to write earlier this month about a certain goal (or shall I say test) I've set for myself. Last year, I noticed I was spending waaay too much on eating out, especially fast food. One month, I spent over $100 on McDonald's, Wendy's, etc! That's when I knew something had to change. To be more blunt, I needed to get my ass in the kitchen and start cookin' up some shtuff! Right then, I decided to challenge myself not to eat fast food all year long. Well, I didn't include chicken establishments because I love chicken too damn much to give up yet. Maybe I'll work on that next year--ha ha ha! Then I thought about long road trips and other times when I need to eat something and fast food is all that's available... order a salad.

I've done pretty well so far. Haven't had any serious cravings for Mickey D's french fries or a Hardees Thickburger. I did sulk a little when I saw my uncle with a Culver's cup recently. I LOVE CULVER'S!!! And there was that one time when my sister nibbled on a Sonic patty melt right in front of my face. I have shown my face a lot more at Hy-Vee and Price Chopper. Mainly buying things for breakfast and lunch to eat at work, but not so much for dinner recipes. The first 2 weeks I was madly in love with making chicken BLT quesadillas and such. Other nights, my mother, sister and man did the cooking.

So right now I'm pretty proud of myself. Can't say for sure if I'll make it the whole year without fast food. I'm just taking it one day at a time.

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