2008: Year in Review

Color of Emotion: Purple

This year has been a big roller coaster ride for me. Happy days, sad days, I-love-myself days, I-hate-myself days. Either way, I lived through it!!!

My GREATEST moments of 2008:

• God blessing me with another year of life!

• My man surprising me on our first anniversary. (Marla was in on the surprise, but had a hard time luring me out of the house because I was determined to finish my laundry.)

• Doing freelance work for Deegie's Carma

• Watching KU win the NCAA title ("Chalmers for the tie... GOT IT!!!)

• Barack Obama elected the 44th President of the USA!!!

My GOOD moments of 2008:

• Seeing Maxwell live in concert

• Visiting my girls in Chicago!

• Speaking with my father again after about 4 years. (My choice, but still working on that forgiveness thing.)

• Having my first Five Guys burger! (Reminded me of the Fat Boy Burger days)

My BAD moments of 2008:

• My PawPaw showing early signs of dementia

• Pipe burst under kitchen sink, flooded basement

• Not being offered a job I really, really, really wanted. (Probably a blessing.)

• Losing fellow co-workers due to their jobs being outsourced overseas.

My FUNNIEST moment:

• Mama's reaction while watching the replay of one of Michael Phelps' Olympic races.

My PROUDEST moment:

• Not eating McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and Taco Bell for a whole year. (Had the worst craving for that McNuggets-Lovin' the other night! LOL)

What I'm looking forward to in 2009:

• Chance encounter with Reggie Bush!

• Finding a new place to live

• Family reunion in Vegas!

• A better job with better pay

• The 8th season of American Idol

• Everything that God has in store for me!